Welcome to the Children’s Clubhouse

The main objective of this program, is to ensure a safe and nurturing environment, where children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years, are provided with numerous opportunities to develop their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills.  Children are allowed to develop in each of these areas at their own pace.  Using current research in the progression of child development, children are provided with developmentally appropriate activities allowing them to thrive in our environment.

Upon walking through the doors, we hope that you notice the unique way in which our center operates.  The intent is to be different from all the rest, both in the manner in which we view young children, as well as in the methods chosen to instruct and encourage their formal and independent learning.

Acknowledging the need to develop the “staples”, including but not limited to: cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills, the “twist” in the center’s philosophy involves the means by which the curriculum is driven.  Using Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence, the curriculum is designed to provide young children with a unique learning experience.  Built on over 25 years of documented scientific research, Gardner suggests that much of our potential to learn can potentially be stifled by “traditional” teaching methods.  The center’s curriculum is designed to provide a learning atmosphere which encourages children to strengthen and “cross-reference” all of their areas of development.

The goal is that, by allowing young children to build and expand their understanding of the world around them, they will be armed with more than one way to approach learning in a traditional setting – “school”.  It is the intent that the children will be better problem solvers, better able to absorb new information, more creative, more confident learners, enabling them to fit into more of the “molds” of society.  With any luck, they may even create a new mold or two themselves!