The School Age

The School-Age Enrichment Program

Because these children are already enrolled in formal schooling, The Clubhouse has taken advantage of the opportunity to provide what most would consider an enrichment program.  Our project-based curriculum takes the gifted and talented philosophy of teaching and fuses it with the Multiple Intelligence Theory, thereby creating an exciting and unique classroom experience.

The classroom is designed to be very comfortable, as well as inspiring.  Items which promote curiosity, are placed throughout the room and activities are designed to expand the thought process beyond “traditional” views.  The children are encouraged to perform daily tasks, such as, helping to prepare and serve snack, set up and cleanup. They are also actively involved in designing and initiating activities.

Our main focus in the school-age program is to foster a child’s positive self-concept. Through the development of both inter and intrapersonal skills, we are able to facilitate and support the children in their efforts to discover themselves and others. By providing positive experiences, encouraging children to ask questions and investigate their surroundings, we hope to allow them the means by which to gain multiple perspectives within their daily environments, in order to secure life-long learning.