The Two’s Experience

See the flower. Draw it. Sing it. Plant it. Count it. Dance it. 

Love it. Share it. “Be” the flower.

The toddler program is a skill-based, developmentally appropriate program, based upon The Multiple Intelligence Theory. The program targets the development of skills and concepts primarily in the areas of self-help, social/emotional, cognition language. The emphasis is on hands-on, active learning that encourages the development of the “total” child. The activities, concepts, and skills presented throughout the course of the curriculum move from pre-operational (process and exposure) to concrete/operational.  In the concrete/operational phase of development, children are expected to “know” what’s expected of them, and proceed in a manner that reflects this basic understanding. The goal is to ensure a supportive growing experience for these little people, and provide them with opportunities to manipulate their environment in both traditional and creative ways.