The Three’s Experience

The “why’s” of learning.

This program formally introduces the children to the “workings” of The Multiple Intelligence Theory. Based on numerous teaching and learning strategies, including but not limited to, direct instruction, guided exploration, center-based learning and free exploration, the children are encouraged to discover.  Created to “open their eyes”, the program is designed to heighten their awareness of both the living and non-living world that surrounds them. As the program progresses and the children develop a more in-depth awareness, they are then introduced to the formal “structures” that surround their existence and are encouraged to create new ways to both manipulate and function within those structures. Through the building of observation skills and promoting and encouraging “questioning” from the children, the natural curiosity of the 3-year old is harnessed and directed into a constructive learning process. In this way, the basis of the learning outcomes, provided by The Multiple Intelligence Theory, have been laid as a foundation for future reference.