The Kindergarten Readiness

The Kindergarten Readiness Program

The readiness program focuses on the “learning” of the young learner.  Children are guided to “think about how they think” in order to make sense of themselves, others and their surroundings.  They are encouraged to explore all aspects of their development, including self-reflection (intrapersonal skills) and how they fit in and function within a group (interpersonal skills).  Ideas, skills and concepts are developed and fostered through the use of the “8 Intelligences” suggested in Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences (see attachment).  Basic kindergarten readiness skills, such as colors, shapes, number recognition, fine and gross motor, receptive and expressive language, are introduced, but not solely in the “traditional teaching” manner.  Through the use of direct instruction, center-based learning, guided exploration, free exploration and student-directed learning, the children gain exposure though the many approaches to instruction, often seen in a kindergarten classroom.