Owner and Co-Director

Lori D. Segar, Owner and Co-Director


Lori earned her degree in Early Childhood Education at Briarwood College. She has 25 years of experience, of which the last 16 years have utilized the Multiple Intelligence Theory. She has been Head Teacher certified since 1996, and is a proud mother of three girls and one boy, all currently enrolled in the Simsbury school system. A frequent volunteer in her children’s programs, Lori is active in the community, and is well versed in the knowledge of how a families needs will change as their children grow. When she’s not at The Clubhouse, Lori enjoys impromptu day trips with her family, as well as competing as a prize-winning weight lifter.

Owner and Co-Director

Michelle A. Mullin, Owner and Co-Director


Michelle received her degree in Human Development and Family Relationships from the University of Connecticut, and currently has nearly 30 years of experience in Early Childhood Education. In 2015, she completed her certification in Sustainable Health and Nutrition, and currently supports the Clubhouse families as a consultant.  Michelle resides in Suffield, is a mom of two, and is an active supporter of local agriculture and wildlife conservation.

Assistant Director

Margaret D. Putnam, Owner and Co-Director

Having studied Early Childhood Education at The University of Hartford, with a strong focus on the Multiple Intelligence Theory, Meg enjoys trail running, biking, and swimming with her three active boys. She resides in Granville, MA, is Secretary of the G.P.O. for her son’s school, and is the Lead Coordinator for the Annual Harvest Fair in Granville. She brings a wide range of talents to the Clubhouse classrooms, and enjoys blogging about being a mom.